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Bala Mookoni is an Author and a Certified Life Coach from Symbiosis Coaching and affiliated to the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA). A chemical engineer, Bala has 19 years of experience working with leading manufacturing companies in India. In a fast-paced career (he became a General Manager at 35 years of age and is a former Vice-President with a well known Indian MNC) of Top Management, Project Management, Manufacturing Operations and Sales, he has garnered extensive experience in multi-cultural management working with people of different nationalities & cultures, and has seen it all – the factors that drive success.

Starting as a starry-eyed management trainee, he has been following successful luminaries, business leaders and entrepreneurs, understanding what drives them and what it takes to be successful. Intoxicated by life, his interests range from engineering & technology, through management, health, fitness, yoga, public speaking, writing, poetry, fiction, self-help books and cricket to metaphysics.  Bitten by the bug of oriental mysticism, he has been practicing spiritual wisdom in daily life for nearly 25 years now. His personal and professional styles have been unconventional and off the beaten track, going to great lengths to bring changes in people from deep within to drive performance or to bring them back to the mainstream. He has mentored and coached many people to grow in their professional and personal lives. He lives in Vadodara, India, with his wife, daughter and son. He plays tennis and practises Yoga and breathing techniques for fitness.

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