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  • Jul 03 / 2014
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Handling Uncertainty

Have you ever wondered about Diversity? Is it really a bad thing? The universe is full of diversity. Even people of the same demographics are diverse in their thoughts and behaviour. Sometimes, children from the same home are so different from one another. The paradox of diversity is that while it is the mother of all causes of conflict, it is also a panacea—it has a solution to any problem! Diversity itself is not bad; it is our misconceived perception of it that leads to all sorts of problems. By celebrating it, we can celebrate life.

It is because of the diverse nature of life that all sorts of permutations and combinations exist in the universe. Somewhere one of them will meet your unique requirements, no matter how singular they may be. History proves this to be true (you may validate this with your own experiences). That’s why there always is a solution to every issue. You have only to search for it, and the universe will assist you to find it!

Whenever you feel anxious, worried or afraid of something, answer these questions:

  1. Is there something happening or likely to happen that is worrisome? If so, what is the real danger? How much of it is real or imagined?
  2. How many times in the past did you go through such a state of emotion? How many times did the fear turn out to be true?
  3. Did being in a state of worry help or did it complicate matters, related or unrelated to the main issue? Would being courageous or optimistic have been better?
  4. If the very worst thing I fear happens, how can I mitigate the harm?
  5. How much of the anxiety is really due to the actual issue and how much of it is due to my anxiety about what others would think of me?

 (People forget your failure when a new success sets in.)

 The best way to beat uncertainty is to create a plan and work on it. No plan can be perfect, but as you keep working on it, the way forward opens up. This is a natural law.