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  • Dec 05 / 2014
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Why we need to Speak Up

When customers gave the feedback that people at Infosys should learn to speak up at work and be proactive, it made Vishal Sikka, the CEO, sad. He said that in Indian companies, youngsters were trained to solve problems and were not trained to find problems (read the full atricle at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/tech-news/Infosys-CEO-Vishal-Sikka-Indians-dont-speak-up-just-follow-orders/articleshow/45379207.cms).

Speaking up is essential to keep an open mind, to question the status quo, and to push the frontiers so that innovation happens and great products are produced. You need confidence to be able to speak up. And you get confidence when you speak up. For confidence comes from discovery, from knowing. Chicken and egg story, eh? But that’s what it always is about. The trick is to start early. And, as with all skills and all habits, the more you do, the more you get. That’s where a culture is needed—to set you up to start early.

Boundaries are just that—barriers to the creativity engines. Vishal Sikka has opened up Facebook and Twitter to his employees, as part of the efforts to simplify things at Infosys and drum up creativity. Simplification sets you up to think through things deeply. The best way to keep those creative juices flowing is to think through, keep at it, and stay with it.