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Bala Mookoni

Who is the best teacher?

  • Sep 05 / 2014
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Who is the best teacher?

Scientists in Germany have come up with a startling evidence of life after death. In this daring experiment, they had subjected volunteers to clinical death conditions for twenty minutes. On returning back to ‘life’, the volunteers carried memories of warmth, overwhelming light etc during the period when they were clinically dead. Read the full article at http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/german-scientists-prove-there-is-life-after-death/ .

The fact that memories were generated even during the clinically dead conditions is indication that life does not stop even after the body and brain die. This breakthrough in our understanding of life after death has deep implications. It answers one of the greatest questions in the history of humankind. That there is an indestructible intelligence in all of us. That lives forever.

Today is Teachers’ Day in India. It’s a day when we remember with gratitude our teachers and all those who taught us to live and act better. I consider the teaching profession as the most powerful profession in the world because teachers can influence the thinking of so many, like few else can. Yet, beyond a point, a teacher does not stay with us for ever. Then, we have to fend for ourselves. So, the question is: where do we find the best teacher for ourselves again? If we search for the answer deep within us, we will find it inside us! Yes, we can be our own best teachers!

Great people have found answers deep within themselves. Great discoveries were triggered by “light-bulb” moments that occurred within the person. But the answers never come on a platter. They are thrown up by the indestructible intelligence within when an open mind drives relentless action. And true teachers enable us to open up our minds, and eventually our worlds. I tip my hat to all the teachers in my life.


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