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Bala Mookoni

Openness as an Attribute

  • Jun 30 / 2016
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Openness as an Attribute

With companies like Google and Ernst & Young dropping degree qualification as a criterion for an entry into the organization, skills like problem solving are becoming increasingly important. What makes some people better at problem solving than others? Most problems entail multiple attempts and iterations. It is unusual for a problem to get resolved in the first shot. People who are good at problem solving innately recognize this process. And that makes them more open to the universe of possibilities.

A hurdle to such openness is an over-attachment to self-glory. Self-aggrandizement is a natural trait and is sometimes essential for survival. Unfortunately, when it grows into a predominant thought process, it becomes blinkers that restrict our vision. Aspirants of high performance will, therefore, have to work ruthlessly towards the elimination of ego; ruthlessly because the hydra-headed ego is so tough that it springs up from somewhere else each time you try to cut it off.

Truth has a better chance to get discovered when there is quiescence. Newton discovered Gravitation while sitting under an apple tree. Archimedes had his Eureka while taking a bath. Kekule discovered the Benzene ring while dreaming. A quiet and contented mind, that comes with a ceiling on the ego, becomes a receptacle for solutions. Shedding the ego is, therefore, a step towards creativity.



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