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Why effort alone is not enough

Studies reveal that the human mind tends to process that information which is aligned with thoughts that are repetitive, leading to the exclusion of other important signals. Since thinking is based on our conditioning, the result is often a less than optimal outcome. That’s where a Life Coach helps — to recondition our approach in a way that is aligned with our purposes, so that effort actually generates the desired outcome.


Releasing the Genie in You

CONSISTENCY is the cornerstone of any enduring performance. In the history of humankind, even the greatest of performers had to grapple with this consistency factor throughout their lifetimes. For a maestro to deliver a virtuoso performance time and again, he or she needs to not only keep the skills honed, but also to maintain a high level of emotional and spiritual well-being. Our Sustainable Success programme is, thus, a 3-pronged approach that builds on these aspects to deliver Consistent Performance.


The SHREWD model for making Dreams comes True

  • Succeeding at Goals: GROW model coaching
  • Happiness quotient: Develop your spiritual self and learn to see the grass greener, the sky bluer and the day brighter
  • Rebound resilience: Learn to use Setbacks as Stepping Stones for Success
  • Emotional endurance:  Build Self-Mastery and achieve consistency in performance
  • Winning habits: Develop right mental habits and thinking for professional success
  • Discrete thinking:  Great results come with great focus. But great focus also casts it shadow in the mind. The ability to delink in the mind is another aspect of consistency.


The world continues to witness the rise of unexpected stars from new horizons, taking the corporate, business, film, entertainment, sport and the art worlds by storm. At the same time, many bright stars are failing to make it to expected zeniths. Scions of famous families, celebrity children, business icons, star performers at work, sport and in the entertainment world  continue to dismay us with their seeming inability to cope with expectations or with their fall from grace. Studies have shown that it is all in the mind. Winners and successful people first win their minds before emerging winners in the real world.

Of all the tasks in the world, the most difficult task has often been putting our head and heart in order or, simply put, changing our mental & emotional habits. Many people have been outperformers as leaders or have been stars in their own right, but they come a cropper when it comes to mastering their inner demons.  Mastering  thoughts and emotions is a life-long  struggle, with few exceptions. While perfect mastery is a utopian dream even for the greatest of them all, a high level of mastery is the key to a fulfilling life, achieving balance, great creativity, sustainable success and for imbibing the winning habit. When the head and the heart are in the right place, success follows us, just as sheep follow the shepherd.

Destiny is missed by those who leave it to fate and is charted by those who dare to drive it.